Choosing the Right Moving Company: Key Factors to Consider in Melbourne

New beginnings are often stressful, much like moving. Whether you’re moving into a home or a new working space, you will always have too much on your plate. Packing your things is a task, and then transporting them safely is yet another one. Wondering how to do it all? Well, instead of doing everything on your own, choose a trusted moving company in Melbourne to make your move easier and faster. 

Choosing the Right Moving Company: Key Factors to Consider in Melbourne

Choosing a Moving Company in Melbourne? Here are 5 Reasons Why it is a Good Idea

If you’re on the fence about hiring a moving company, here are a few reasons to change your mind: 

  •  The professionals are experts at swiftly moving your belongings without any hassle. 
  • When you hire a team of professional movers, they will help you do everything smoothly. From making the process of transporting your stuff easy to helping you out if you need packing and storage services, they will do it all for you.  
  •  They focus on the job of packing and moving so that you can do other things. You don’t need to assist them. Just let them know what needs to be packed, and they’ll handle the rest. 
  •  These services are customisable. Although it is not expressly mentioned, the movers understand that every move is different so they tweak the service to fit your requirements.  
  • Their process of packing and moving is coordinated. Every moving company has a process, and they follow it to a T. 

Choosing the Right Moving Company in Melbourne: Things to Keep in Mind 

1. Understanding the Volume to be Packed 

An estimated rate for your move is a crucial element of choosing the right movers process. A service provider will give you a correct estimate only when you tell them how much stuff needs to be packed and moved. When you’re getting in touch with movers, use the “estimated” volume to understand if the company can help you or not. Ask the movers if they can handle the size of your move and how much would it cost you. 

2. Consider Packing Services 

Always remember, it is better to ask for help. Sure, you think you can DIY it all. But with an upcoming move, you probably have a few errands to run, and some loose ends to tie and then with the added pressure of packing everything, you may find it hard to do it all. 

If you start early, like a couple of months before your move, then it is possible. And if you have a group of family and friends to help you out, then packing will not be a big task. However, if you’re all by yourself and have multiple things to do, simply ask professional movers and packers to help you. This will make your move smoother.


Once you’re sure of the volume, start looking for a service in your location. Moving to a new home or workspace in Melbourne or moving further away, you will need a removalist who is close to your “current” residence and can help you transport your things. This will give you a better price, compared to the movers who are located further away from your address.

4. Pricing and Transparency 

Before selecting and scheduling a moving service, remember to check the pricing. When it comes to choosing a reliable moving service company, it is important to find one with transparent pricing. Apart from your budget, which is just as important, make sure that you know what you’re being billed for. 

Consider asking the service provider about their pricing structure, the different brackets of charges, how is the transport cost calculated, if there are any floating charges and if they charge a flat charge or if it is variable. 

5. Reviews 

Yes, reviews are important. This is the last and one of the most important aspects to consider when you’re on the lookout for a good moving company, remember to choose the one with good reviews. Prioritise the providers who have reviews left by previous customers, showcasing how the company helped them and made their journey easier. 

More Tips on Choosing the Right Moving Company: Key Factors to Consider in Melbourne

  1. Ask your family and friends for referrals. This will help you find a trusted service provider. 
  2. If you can, try getting in touch with the company’s customer service. Doing so will help you make an informed decision on the company. Additionally, you will get a gist of the organisation and its values. 
  3. Follow the rule of threes. What that means is – ask at least three different firms and get their estimates. Do not settle for the first estimate you receive. 
  4. When you’re booking a moving service, ensure that you have all the information. If you’re not sure, ask the company’s representatives. If the answers don’t satisfy you, continue your search. 
  5. Before you let them take your belongings and move them, remember to get a written estimate. If there are some “floating” charges, have them write down the caveats and different variable charges for clarity. 

On the same note, here are a few ways to keep yourself safe and make sure that you have your belongings where you want them: 

  1. Do not trust the vendors who are only chasing money. Some could keep your belongings hostage and ask for double or triple the estimate to release them. 
  2. Remember to consider the distance between your current location to the location you want your goods transferred to. This will help you to make some calculations based on the distance and charges it may take to transport your stuff. Once you have a rough idea, you will be able to tell if the estimate your provider quotes is reasonable or outrageous. 
  3. Before packing and putting all of it in the hands of the movers, get a date or estimate on delivery. This will help you understand when to expect your stuff. With that in mind, also add a couple of days in between, because things may take time. However, remember to ask the service provider what would happen in case of late delivery. 
  4. Do not ignore red flags in your movers, and these are the pointers to look out for: 
    1. It is common for your movers to ask for a deposit. However, large deposits, which cover 50% or more of the entire fee are a red flag. 
    2. If you can’t find the address or location of the movers, do not hire them. To find reliable services, choose a company that has a proper office and the employees answer with their full names. 
    3. Do not trust a company that changes its name often. 
    4. If the representatives of the business ask you to sign a blank moving contract, it is a red flag. 

To keep your belongings safe, consider insuring your belongings before they are moved. Choose the type you’d like, and make sure you’re protected. 

Puzzle Removals: Choosing the Right Moving Company in Melbourne

In business since 2015, we offer you comprehensive packing and moving services. To make your move from one space to another easier, we also offer you storage options. Being experts in the domain, our team is experienced in handling packing, storing and moving services for: 

  1. Hospital equipment suppliers,
  2. Homeowners, 
  3. Furniture Stores, 
  4. Stylists, 
  5. Insurance providers and more. 

Our services not only include Melbourne and Victoria but also help you with interstate moves. Offering clear quotes and estimates, Puzzle Movers prides itself on the fact that there are no hidden charges. Need a hand moving? Call the experts at 0459 032 871 today!

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