Essential Steps for Hiring Packers and Movers

Moving to a new place is a mix of positive and negative emotions. While you will feel ecstatic to explore a different location, the thought of packing and moving all your belongings can overwhelm you. Here is why there is a need to find reliable packers and movers who can make your move hassle-free. However, there is no dearth of removalists, which makes choosing the right one a daunting task. 

With this article, we intend to make your search easier by laying out all the necessary requisites an efficient moving company must possess. When you find the one that ticks these boxes, you can partner with them and plan your move worry-free. 


To start with, you can list out a few trustworthy removal companies. For this, seek reviews from friends and family if they’ve ever engaged with a removalist. Their analysis of the company, their team, manner of work, and execution will enable you to understand if they can move your belongings. If you get positive reviews about the team’s behaviour and how they handle the belongings, you can list them to seek more information about the company. 

Simultaneously, you can also check online reviews of movers near you. In most cases, there are numerous reviews that can inform you about the pros and cons of a company. It will assist you in enlisting the ones you need to probe more. 

Authenticate the Credentials

You can scroll through their website or connect with one of the sales representatives to learn about such criteria of legitimacy. ABN and ACN numbers are proof of registration, and if you find these valid (through a quick Google search), know that the company is authenticated to work in the specific industry. Such verifications will guarantee that you are entrusting a competent moving company with your belongings, which has ample knowledge of handling diverse items and will initiate a tailored approach. This way, you can escape fraud and mismanagement during the move.

Check for Insurance Availability

What happens if an accident occurs during the move? You must have hired the most reliable packers and movers who take every measure to safeguard your belongings during the transit. However, accidents can happen, leading to losses for both parties. In such a scenario, if your moving company has insurance, it becomes a relief. 

Even if a potential company owns insurance, you must closely verify its extent and limitations. A trustworthy company will prioritise the safety of your belongings through suitable insurance options. When asked, they will provide you with transparent details of the insurance, thus giving you peace of mind knowing your belongings are adequately protected. 

Verify the Expertise of Crew

There can be multiple fragile items in residential and commercial spaces. When you seek to make a move along with all these items, the biggest worry is to ensure the safety of your fragile goods. You do not want to be working with a company that uses the same packing and moving methods for delicate and tough goods. Therefore, it’s imperative to know if the crew has the expertise of handling all types of properties. You can ask about the training, skill set and experience of the crew to understand if they are equipped to handle goods with care and precision.

Enquire of Their Fleet

While at home, you will have the requisite furniture, appliances and other goods to ease your life there; it will be an entirely different scenario at an office. Here, there can be multiple computers, lots of chairs and tables, documents and a lot more. So, when you move your residence, your need for the fleet will differ as compared to when you want to move your office or factory. This is why there is a need to understand the capacity of your packers and movers. 

Begin by enquiring about the type and number of vehicles they own. Also, ask about their maintenance schedule. If they have a well-maintained fleet in a suitable capacity to move all your belongings, you can move forward with them. 

Ask About the Safety Procedures

Whether you are moving your home, office or factory, there are different goods with specific handling needs. For example, you may own glass, porcelain, electronic equipment, musical instruments, etc., that need extreme care during the move. Similarly, the machinery of your factory, i.e., your biggest asset, needs specialised care. Therefore, ensuring that your packers and movers undertake essential steps to safeguard your belongings is crucial. 

You can ask them about the cushioning products they use while packing your goods. It can be bubble wrap, EPE foam, or any other product that safeguards your possessions. Similarly, you can enquire about their packing methods. Experienced packers know that using the apt size of the package with box-in-box methods can be a substantial step towards the safety of items. 

Probe Their Comprehensive Services

There are multiple moving companies that extend their services as a mover. For example, some removalists offer to carefully pack and unpack your goods. Apart from these, a few removalists have warehousing facilities where you can store your goods until needed. So, if you need a safe space to store your goods for a specific time, your movers can do that. If your moving company offers such additional services, it will ensure that you have a more tailored and streamlined move. 

Ensure Financial Transparency

Financial transparency is key to a trustworthy relationship with your chosen packers and movers. Seek clarity on their pricing structure, any additional fees, and payment terms. A transparent approach to financial matters instils confidence and helps you plan your budget effectively for a smooth and stress-free move.

Summing Up

We understand that moving places along with all your belongings can be time consuming. However, with little research you will be able to find a team of packers and movers adept to take your possessions safely to the destination and make your move seamless. 

Are you looking for a removalist who can safely transit your goods? Look no further. We are Puzzle Movers Melbourne, an adept team of packers and movers. With our experienced crew and fleet, we can transfer your goods safely to your desired destination. We also have a storage facility where you can keep your goods without worrying about damage or theft. Give us a call, and one of our representatives will answer your queries.

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